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Case Studies; Blue Flag clients who use SERVICE mail, Business Benefit Analysis, ROI and our Support Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does SERVICEmail include any reporting capabilities or do we need to buy a third party reporting tool?
A: The fully inclusive SERVICEmail Management Reporting Suite includes the Performance Charts, the Scoreboard and the Report Generator. These tools can produce a variety of high-level point and click, ad-hoc reports and the Report Generator, featuring the Report Scheduler, can provide extremely detailed management reports and automatically create and dispatch them. However, should your business standardise on a third party product such as Crystal Reports, Cognos or Business Objects we have experience with these reporting tools and will gladly assist with the specific reporting requirements of your organisation.
Q: Can SERVICEmail integrate with other database systems?
A: SERVICEmail is designed to operate in an ODBC compliant environment to ensure that system integration is possible. Blue Flag Technologies have extensive experience in system integration and are happy to discuss any such requirements your business may have.
Q: Is your product scalable?
A: SERVICEmail is highly scalable and will operate from a five user system to in excess of a thousand users, ensuring that the system will grow with your organisation.
Q: Is there a browser-based version of SERVICEmail?
A: The SERVICEmail Browser Client is a fully functional, zero footprint, client that has been strategically developed to operate over low speed links. The client only requires IE5.0 or above and there is no system installation necessary. The browser client offers full item handling, mail merging, file attachment and Knowledge Base functionality, ensuring that remote users do not have to sacrifice functionality for performance.
Q: Can I scan from a PC directly into SERVICEmail?
A: SERVICEmail is shipped with an inclusive SCANlink module. This will allow either direct scanning from a local PC or batch scanning from a centralised scanner. Scanned items are held in the Attachments tab against an item and the system client has an Images tab to allow agents to view the scanned image without opening any other application on the desktop.
Q: Some staff like to be able to set up their own working environment, what provision is there in your software to allow users to influence the look and feel of SERVICEmail while using one system configuration?
A: Blue Flag Technologies strive to ensure that SERVICEmail is both easy to use and accessible to users with different skill sets and abilities. Each user has a set of User Preferences meaning users can influence the way in which their SERVICEmail client appears. For example, they can customise specific key-stroke shortcuts, configure the colour schemes of any display and decide which windows are visible when they log in.
Q: Our agents currently spend a lot of their time manually inputting emails and web enquiries into our existing system. What automation is available in SERVICEmail to make data capture more efficient and what extra cost is associated with these modules?
A: The predominant focus of SERVICEmail is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your customer service operation. Therefore, SERVICEmail offers Email Integration for automatic item registration and a WebLink module that allows web form submissions to be automatically logged on the system. Both these modules are inclusive in the SERVICEmail price structure.
Q: We require a rapid way of authenticating customer addresses, what can SERVICEmail offer to facilitate this?
A: SERVICEmail has seamless integration to postcode software, meaning that customer addresses are verified at input with no need to launch an external application.
Q: We have a list of FAQs that we currently maintain on our website or print out and give to our agents to help them answer regular queries. Can SERVICEmail streamline this process?
A: The inclusive SERVICEmail Knowledge base offers key word searching and automatic-searching based on contact or performance categories. This will take agents to a list of related information that they can view and, if required, attach to the item history with a single click.
Q: Many software providers are stopping support for the older Operating Systems. We still have a mixed environment that includes Windows 95 machines. Do you still support these client machines?
A: SERVICEmail will run on any 32bit Windows client from Windows 95 to XP in a mixed environment. There is no intention to stop supporting older Operating Systems whilst our client base still utilises them.
Q: Are product upgrades included in your standard annual support contract?
A: Blue Flag Technologies offers an after sales care package that we believe to be the best in the market place. The unique Support & Upgrade contract entitles all customers to every new release of the product purchased at NO EXTRA COST. Additionally, Blue Flag Technologies guarantees that the year on year costs will not increase above that of inflation. Therefore our customers know the total cost of ownership for the SERVICEmail solution.
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